Silhouette of human can bee seen against night sky full of stars.

State of Infection is a Finnish Style LARP about social classes, fate and decisions in the middle of crisis. The larp is story driven with pre-written characters who have backgrounds, plots and a network of contacts. We expect players to read the materials and create the story together, respecting each other.

State of Infection has been run twice before, in Finnish, under the name Tartuntavaara. First run was in May 2017, second in January 2018. This third run is the first international version.

“Honorables and other passengers, we are sorry to inform you about inconvenience on our journey. We  have a state of emergency and for this we have been forced to evacuate SS Wanderer. Please follow the Carriers to your assigned evacuation capsules. We have done our best to respect your travel companies and we apologize for all the inconvenience this causes.”

Everyone follows the instructions and keeps calm. Carriers know what they are doing. We are in good hands. What did someone say? Something about State of Infection?

Group of Nobles, Carriers, Machiners, Spare folk and Tainted ones have been on a journey to celebrate the new era of space travel, era of automated flights. Passengers have not received further details about the situation, but everyone is keeping calm and trust that they will be informed once they need to know something. 

Themes: social class, social power, religion, social structures, inequality, purity, infection, sickness, being an outsider, death